PADS4 digital signage software now certified for SSP4


PADS4 now Samsung Smart Signage Platform certified

PADS4 is officially Samsung Smart Signage Platform certified. As the first digital signage software ever tested and approved by Samsung engineers for Samsung’s System on Chip (SoC) solutions, NDS is leading the way to meet new technological challenges and deliver opportunities in social media. Our SoC Viewer runs optimally on Samsung digital signage including TIZEN Displays, and the Samsung SSSP certification represents our ongoing dedication to delivering excellence in quality, features, and support for SoC users.

Bjørn Pieper, CCO at NDS said: “With PADS4 receiving official approval from the Samsung App Certification Team, we can now offer our partners and customers back-to-back support for Samsung smart signage. From PADS4 and from Samsung. PADS4 has always supported Samsung SSSP, but now it is official. Our development team did a great job and we appreciate the continuous support we received from Samsung. It’s an honor to be the first developer worldwide to receive the SSSP certification from Samsung”.

A Samsung digital signage software partner

As a Samsung Software Partner NDS will send each new PADS4 version to Samsung for testing and certification for selected Samsung displays and specific firmware versions. This means that PADS4 SoC users benefit from guaranteed support on specific TIZEN displays, on both current and future PADS4 SoC software releases.

Make the most of “No-PC” displays using built-in media players to cut costs and cables using an all-in-one platform replacing external media players with an SoC-based app launcher. PADS4 fully supports the cost-effective solutions for the Next Generation SSSP powered by TIZEN, to help you do more with signage.

Contact us to find out more about how PADS4 works on System on Chip players like TIZEN.