New software release: PADS4 2020.4!


New software release: PADS4 2020.4!

On Monday the 31st of August, we released our PADS4 Foundation & Clients build version 2020.4! For more information on these versions, take a look at the PADS4 Resources page on our website. Within this version, you can find multiple new integrations, bug fixes, and performance enhancements.

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Sensors in PADS4 CTRL Center

New in PADS4 CTRL Center is the Sensor platform. All your sensor connections are now managed from one central place. Connect cameras and sensors to a specific area in your company and apply rules, and all incidents are reported directly. The dashboard even allows you to keep track of all incidents that happened, giving a clear overview.

Sensors in PADS4 CTRL Center
Connect Hikvision sensors

With our direct Hikvision integration, you simply set-up Hikvision camera’s in your office, and add them as sensors in the PADS4 CTRL Center. Supported functionalities include detection of elevated body temperature, mask detection, and people counting, making it possible to keep a watchful eye on your premises.

Hikvision integration in PADS4 2020.4
Discover Milestone's possibilities

Our Milestone XProtect Video Management Software integration opens a world of possibilities. With over 8.500 supported devices, there is always a device that fits your company’s needs. Connect PADS4 to Milestone, and receive notifications when incidents occur. It gives you the opportunity to create a safer environment.

Milestone integration PADS4 2020.4
Get to know your audience with Quividi

Quividi allows you to get to know your audience. Motion detection, audience measurement, and people counting all contribute to environment in line with applicable rules and regulations. Whereas the Quividi integration before could only be found in the PADS4 Designer, it is now available in the Sensor platform. Combined with PADS4, you ensure everyone’s safety.

Quividi integration PADS4 2020.4
Bug fixes & Performance enhancements

Also part of this release are multiple bug fixes and performance enhancements. These can be expected moving forward as well, since integrations in this release are only the beginning of more integrations. When opening the PADS4 CTRL Center, you can expect a new and improved look and feel of the PADS4 dashboard.

Any questions about our latest release? Contact us and we’ll gladly answer all your questions!