New software release: PADS4 2020.2!


New software release: PADS4 2020.2!

PADS4 release 2020.2

Bounce, flip, or vortex transitions effects now available in PADS4

Last week, we released PADS4 2020.2, our latest software release. Within this release, there are multiple new features. For PADS4 users with HTML5 players, it is now possible to add three new transition effects. With a bounce, flip, or vortex transition you can enhance the engagement of your audience and wow them at the same time. We also worked on improving the interactivity in PADS4. The interactive button now gives you the ability to perform multiple actions which can also be sequenced in any order, and with the changing viewer variable value a multitude of configurations are possible by simply triggering a new value. For example, a value can be a language, and a presentation can be run based on that language. Redundant pages are than automatically limited.

New devices support also included

The latest PADS4 software release also features new hardware certifications for LG and Giada hardware:

  • PADS4 is now certified to run on the LG WebOSBox WP400-JP. With this box, you have all WebOS4 functionalities on any screen you want. It also supports RTP and UDP video streams, meaning you can turn any screen into a streaming platform. Would you like to enjoy all the latest features, but don’t want to replace all your screens? Connect the LG WebOSBox and you can discover all the updates you would otherwise miss.
  • With this release, the Giada DN74 has been officially certified. Giada, a leading manufacturer and supplier of embedded PC, servers, motherboards and software application systems in China, created an ultra-compact and cost-effective media player. The player runs on Android, is empowered by ARM RK3288 Quad Core A17 CPU, equipped with an HDMI port and supports 4K displays. The PADS4 certification features optimized performance and features to control your digital signage screens.

With the official PADS4 certification, NDS has thoroughly tested and approved those devices in combination with PADS4. We can provide optimal support for these devices. PADS4 users will be able to exploit the complete set of management tools available within PADS4. Create, manage, and display your digital signage content and have complete control of the hardware.

If you would like to receive more information on this release, contact us here.