Optimize your available workplaces with PADS4


Optimize available workplaces for a COVID-19 proof office

The COVID-19 virus impacts the entire world, hence companies look for new ways of working in their current office space. More spaces is needed per employee, which causes scarcity in the number of available workplaces. PADS4 and Crystal offer the perfect solution. Our software-only solution makes it possible to book workplaces and meeting rooms in your office. You optimize your available workplaces, and consequently create a safe environment for your employees.

Mark workplaces in PADS4 Crystal CMS, and your employees simply book them via de web-app. To make finding an available space easy, overview screens show the availability.

Optimize available workkplaces with PADS4

With PADS4 you cannot only optimize your available workplaces. The PADS4 digital signage platform allows you to also display other internal information on your signage screens. Employees remain up-to-date on changing rules and regulations while at work. It gives you the ability to effortlessly inform everyone in your company.

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