PADS4 certified for Samsung SSP5 & SSP6


PADS4 now certified for Samsung SSP5 & SSP6

As of June 14th 2019, PADS4 has officially been certified for the latest Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform. Our development team has been working hard to make sure PADS4 could be successfully tested and certified by Samsung for SSP5 and SSP6. This means PADS4 customers can make the most of the most recent “No-PC” Samsung displays using built-in media players to cut costs and cables, using an all-in-one platform replacing external media players with an SoC-based app launcher. As certified Samsung Software Partner NDS fully supports the cost-effective solutions for the Next Generation SSSP powered by TIZEN, to help you do more with signage.

Which Samsung SSP5 and SSP6 models does PADS4 support?

The PADS4 HTML5 Viewer has been certified for the following Samsung SSP5 models:

  • QM49H
  • QM55H
  • QM65H
  • QH55H
  • QH65H
  • QB65H
  • QB75H
  • DB43J
  • DB49J

The PADS4 HTML5 Viewer has been certified for the following Samsung SSP6 models:

  • QM43N
  • QM49N
  • QM55N
  • QB43N
  • QB49N
  • QB55N


Make sure to select the right platform for your digital signage needs. This article can help you with taking the right steps.