Desk Management

Optimize your office space with the flexible use of desks.

A solution for flexible desk usage

Many people are working from home. Less people at the office, opens up an opportunity for employers to optimize the workplace. To create an efficient and optimized work environment, it’s important to gain knowledge of how the space is used. As a facility manager, you need insights in occupancy rates and peaks. With these understandings, you can let go of the traditional setting where everyone has their own desk. Shared desks offer your employees a desk when needed, and it makes efficient use of the space you have. The more efficient you make use of the space, the lower your costs will be. With a hot desking or desk hoteling concept you create a new optimized environment.

Cost efficiency is not the only advantage. Your employee engagement increases, their productivity grows, and collaboration between teams gets a boost. A different environment each time prevents workers from falling into routines, which stimulates their creativity along the way. PADS4 desk management helps you as head of the facility department oversee all desks in your workplace. Whether you choose a reservation-based concept where employees choose and book their workspace for any day before coming to the office, or you decide on a concept where all desks are free to use when people need it, desk management offers you insights in the usage of your workplace.

Smart Desk Management

Optimize your office space with easy-to-use software that helps you gain insights in the usage of workspaces.

Hot Desking

Different from desk hoteling, hot desks are not assigned to an employee. All desks are available for anyone to use, and once employees need a desk to fulfill their tasks, they can simply take a seat behind a free desk. Even though it can be a challenge to find out if someone is in the office today, it also helps your employees to get out of daily routines, increases productivity due to fitting spaces, and improves collaboration between employees.

Hot Desking

Desk Hoteling

The concept of desk hoteling still assigns workspaces to employees, but it’s only temporary. All desks are shared, and when your staff want to visit the office, they have the opportunity to book the space they want to work. If a team has a creative meeting, one specific meeting room can fit their needs, or when someone wants to focus, a cubicle is what they desire. Use of desks here is reservation based, giving you a clear insight in the use.

Reverse Hoteling

There are always workspaces that are reserved for certain people. Your CEO has his own office, and your IT guy has his own area to work surrounded by necessary hardware. Reverse desking helps you optimize the use of those spaces. When they for example go on holiday, or visit an expo, they can allow other employees to book their workspace. It can be a quiet place to focus and just an extra workspace for those who need it.

Why PADS4 for Desk Management?

From cost savings, to a better work environment. PADS4 Desk Management improves your office with smart solutions.

Improve Space UtilizationOptimize your office space with smart tools, and discover how you can facilitate more people in the same space
Occupancy InsightsObtain useful insights into the usage of desks and meeting rooms at your office, and set up your office accordingly
Increase productivityLet employees book a workspace that fits their needs for the day, and help increase their creativity simultaneously
Match their needsWith smart tools, employees choose a workspace that is equipped with the hardware they prefer and need.
Avoid Ghost BookingsSensors detect when a meeting room isn't being used, sending a real-time trigger to the system to update the room
Book anywhereBook workspaces through a mobile app or on your computer desktop, all bookings are made visible real-time

Make your building smarter with PADS4

Smart Digital Buildings know many advantages. Whether you want to create a cost efficient building, or a building where employees and visitors feel at home and one that highly values sustainability. PADS4 helps you achieve those objectives.