Guide visitors in real-time through your smart digital building with dynamic wayfinding across your network.

Data-Driven Digital Wayfinding

Leverage digital wayfinding to improve customer service, visitor satisfaction, and timely arrival.  From hospitals to government buildings to outdoor events and venues, getting from one place to another is crucial to the visitor experience. With PADS4 to power your wayfinding digital signage, you can connect existing data sources, update wayfinding maps in real-time, support touch and interactive maps or menus, and offer a range of wayfinding services. Smart Signage for Wayfinding, powered by PADS4, offers truly smart wayfinding tools. Strategically placed digital wayfinding displays lead 

visitors through buildings. Smart sensors collect data relating to foot-traffic, congestion, route changes, destination changes, or issues. With automation and real-time updates, you can update routes after destination changes, based on congestion and speed of walking, weather, or even outages like broken escalators. PADS4 makes it easy to stay in control of your wayfinding digital signage displays. No matter how large your network, PADS4 updates your displays in seconds, automates updates using smart tools, and offers complete scheduling to ensure directions are always up-to-date. 

Data-Driven Wayfinding Tools

PADS4 offers a complete toolset to create and share truly dynamic digital wayfinding to guide employees, visitors and guests across your facilities.

Optimize Routes

Use dynamic wayfinding to ensure visitor directions are always optimized for speed and ease-of-use, with updates for data like route options, and weather.


Use tools like Viewer Variables and pre-allocation to ensure directions are always up-to-date even as factors, like residency, at destinations change.

Always Available

Use interactive kiosks to guide every visitor to where they need to be, with full accessibility options including multi-lingual support and other solutions.

Optimizing the user experience with PADS4

Enhance the experience your employees and visitors have while finding their way around your smart digital building with PADS4.

Touchscreen NativeReduce burden on customer support with seamless self-service and wayfinding kiosks complete with interactive menus.
Viewer VariablesCut reproduction costs with variable data for location or wait time, so presentations can be reused across screens.
Multi-mediaShare dynamic digital wayfinding complete with infotainment, audio-guidance, and images to improve directions.
Real-Time DataUpdate directions, routes, and destination data with real-time data information 70+ databases so visitors always stay on track.
Pre-Allocated DataAutomatically update information even as gates, residency, or flights change with data allocation and automation.
Emergency SupportBroadcast emergency alerts across every display on your network, with smart guidance to facilitate safe exit.

PADS4 cases

Smart Signage for Wayfinding in your smart digital building is powered by PADS4, and allows you to optimize your visitor and employee experience.

Smart Signage for Wayfinding with PADS4

Optimize your wayfinding and customer service and your user satisfaction improves instantly. With PADS4 to power your wayfinding digital signage, you connect to your existing data sources, update wayfinding maps in real time, and offer a range of wayfinding services. PADS4 makes it easy for you to stay in control of the user experience in your smart digital building.