PADS4 Wayfinding Module

Dynamic guidance around your building

Efficiently guide your employees and visitors

Time is money, so are you already guiding your employees and visitors efficiently to their destination? The PADS4 Wayfinding Module offers all the tools you need!

Make it easier to find a space or colleague

Use our wayfinding orientation kiosks to search for, and find spaces or colleagues in your building. ​

Enjoy an immersive workspace experience and be guided by our interactive orientation map. Pick up directions to your destination via your mobile.

PADS4 Wayfinding Module

The complete module for your wayfinding

OrientateHave a clear overview of the buildings structure at a glance.
SearchInteractive kiosks show you the way, whether you're looking for a room or a colleague.
BookBook a space within seconds on the interactive kiosk and you know where to go.

Kiosk solution

Orientation and reception management

Booking made easy

Space booking management

Multi-criteria research

Search and orientation

Simple or interactive orientation plan

View availability

View space descriptions

Multi connectivity

Relaying plans on smartphone and tablet

Additional services

Get the most out of your wayfinding!


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Floor map

Request a wayfinding map based on a vectorial image of your building? Find out more about the possibilities.