Make your workspace smarter with sensor data

Stay in real-time control of your corporate spaces, with data driven occupancy insight gained from your sensors.

Optimize your building with up-to-date sensor data for efficient use of your spaces

First of all, what are occupancy sensors? With occupancy sensors you collect data based on occupancy. They allow you to optimize properties with real-time occupancy data using sensors to monitor how your workspaces are being used. The collected data can show you for instance how many people are in your facility at the moment or how your spaces are being used throughout the day. Sensors can also help you improve the well-being of your employees by making changes to the office space.

With PADS4 you can connect with those sensors and integrate them into one unified workspace platform to manage your bookable spaces such as meeting rooms, huddle rooms, quiet rooms and desks. Manage high traffic areas to maintain a safer environment , but also easily detect underutilized spaces. Integrate sensor technology with the PADS4 Workspace Module and help your employees to quickly find free spaces and collect valuable insight about the use of your spaces.

All you need is PADS4

Use smart sensors to collect valuable insights about the occupancy and use of your workspaces, meeting rooms and rest rooms powered by PADS4.

Enhance user experience

Increase the employee and visitor experience, using the utilization and occupancy data provided by workspace sensors.

Accurate and real-time data delivery

Retrieve accurate data on desk hoteling, conference rooms and other spaces such as real-time availability and usage information.

Trigger maintenance requirements

Trigger notifications to your facility management team to inform about potential maintenance requirements, such as broken beamers etc.

Improve safety and security

Add an extra layer of safety and use sensors to detect the whereabouts of anyone left in your building, in case of fire or other emergencies.

PADS4 supports
sensor driven space management

PADS4 Sensor Connection helps you get more from your available space, based on real-time occupancy data.

Improve employee well-beingUse of sensors help you make workspace changes that benefit your users.
Quickly check free spaceHelp employees quickly find available free addressing desks on your floor plan.
Better use of spacesReconfigure underutilized spaces with insights to better suit your people's needs.
End 'no show' bookingsAutomatically free up booked rooms that are not in use.
Workplace insightsGiving you exact occupancy numbers and real-time space usage.
Live presence detectionKnow exactly how many people are in your facility at this moment.

PADS4 Smart Sensor Management

Optimize the use of your office space with up-to-date sensor data. Real-time occupancy data give you useful insights on how to improve the lay-out of your office. With PADS4 you have full control over your entire office space.