PADS4 IoT Module

Smart sensor management

Advanced occupation information

Improve the occupancy of your building with IoT solutions such as sensors and LED’s.

Add value with the IoT module

Adding sensors to your building enhances not only the clear overview of your building occupancy, it also accelerates the search for an available space. The sensors management solutions of the PADS4 IoT module make sure you always have the most accurate information regarding the occupation.

PADS4 IoT Module

Leverage IoT at your building

OccupancyGive a clear overview of occupancy with colored LED's.
CountingCount the amount of people per space with sensors to stay in control of occupancy.

IoT benefits

Sensors and LED’s

Real-time occupancy

Supports pressure sensors under seats to get occupancy data

Retrieve occupancy data from motion sensors in bubble rooms

Integrate counters to count the number of people in a meeting room

Unlimited amount

Connect unlimited amount of sensors en LED's

Combine multiple brands

Cover the complete workspace through sensors & IoT


LED IoT for occupancy indicators compatible with Outlook, Gmail & other

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Get the most out of your IoT!


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