Boost ad visibility, increase engagement, & manage signage from a central location. PADS4 helps you do more with smart digital signage.

A complete digital signage advertising platform

Take your advertising to the next level with smart features and real-time data integration. PADS4 handles every aspect of your digital signage advertising, from network to display and content management to design. Plus, with smart tools, PADS4 helps you do more. Link databases and update content based on real-time events, integrate social media to build engagement, and link sensors and tools to offer interactivity. Use features like Viewer Variables to cut costs and re-use the same presentation on digital advertising boards across your

network. Schedule ads to display based on time of day to keep ads relevant. And, with context-based programming, you can advertise based on data sources like the weather. Whether your signage is meant to promote your own products or situated around a shopping center with hundreds of retailers, PADS4 is a powerful digital signage advertising solution that will help you drive engagement and sales. Communicate in real-time with display offers, discounts, remaining products, menus, promotions, and products or events.

PADS4 for digital signage advertising

From simple HD digital advertising displays to real-time interaction with live IPTV streams and social media or motion detection, PADS4 takes advertising to the next level.

Engage Customers

Drive engagement with dynamic data responding to customer age, action, or product info, so ads always have impact.

Stay Relevant

Link databases to update displays based on factors like time, inventory, weather, customers, or local events.

Drive Sales

From always-relevant ads to touchscreen kiosks for online purchases, PADS4 helps close sales when customers are in store.

PADS4 in Retail

Manage, create, and share beautiful ads across your digital signage network. PADS4 offers a complete suite of tools, from CMS, to templates, to network and management so you always stay in CTRL.

Network ManagementManage all your displays from a central location, so ads and content always stay up-to-date.
CMSOffer user-access management for local control, through our simple and intuitive content management system.
Display ManagementEnsure displays are always on, sharing the right content, with a suite of display management tools.
Smart ToolsDo more with your data with smart automation and data-filtering tools to drive value and sales across stores.
Multi-MediaPush video and IPTV, or offer multi-media on a single display, so customers stay engaged, informed, or inspired.
Any ResolutionWow on huge video walls, share simple banner ads, or push to small touchscreens designed for interaction.

PADS4 cases

PADS4 helps you do more with digital advertising boards. Discover how other organizations used PADS4 to boost their ad visibility, all while managing their advertising from one central location.

Smart Signage for Advertising with PADS4

Upgrade your digital advertising boards with smart features and real-time data integration. With PADS4 you can easily change content based on time of day. Your advertising will always be relevant. PADS4 is a powerful digital signage solution that will improve your digital advertising, driving engagement and sales. PADS4 helps you to get in CTRL.