The PADS4 Platform

Discover the PADS4 Modules that support your smart digital building.

The modules to create your smart building

Whether you use one individual module, or combine all of them, PADS4 helps you get the most out of your building. Our modules improve efficiency and well-being of building users, and much more.

PADS4 Digital Signage

Connect to and transform data to create dynamic display communication on your facilities that keeps all users up to date.

PADS4 Workspace

Optimize your available office space with smart and easy-to-use desk management and room booking tools.

PADS4 Wayfinding

Guide visitors and employees to their destination with dynamic signs and interactive kiosks that are always relevant.


Gain useful reports with cameras and sensors that enable data-driven space management in your office building.

More than 90 airports also use PADS4 to optimize the passenger flow at their airports.


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