Drive revenue with targeted display communication in your shops

Do more with displays across shops and stores with truly smart digital signage. PADS4 leverages your data, products, and the power of internet and social media to interact with shoppers, offer value, and drive sales. Whether you’re selling in a single store or installing signage across a range of locations, PADS4 offers a complete set of digital signage software solutions to create beautiful, smart, and value-added displays.

PADS4 makes it easy to link data from 70+ sources to connect inventory management, weather, traffic, audience data, and more. Smart automation then allows you to tailor ads based on external factors like product availability or specific factors like rain, so customers always see promotions for products they need and can buy now. Integrate sales and customer data or training information into dashboards and displays to educate staff in breakrooms. And, ensure you’re always ready to close a sale, with touch-screen interactive displays linking web shops and apps at kiosks throughout your store.

All you need is PADS4

Inform, entertain and engage staff and guests with PADS4.

Always relevant

Integrate data like inventory management, weather, or third-party information to promote products and keep ads relevant at all times

Close sales

Never miss a window to close a sale. Integrate touchscreen kiosks, so staff can make sales, even when products are sold-out in-store.

Empower customers

Offer product comparisons, contextual promotions, and discount offerings so customers always have the information to make the right choice. 

PADS4 in Retail

Leverage real-time data integration for always-relevant product promotions and ads, in combination with touch-screen native pages and menus.

Touchscreen-nativeDrive sales with seamless interactive menus and help-pages for self-service, online ordering, and production comparison.
Data supportLink data from internal and external sources to smart filtering and rules to auto-update ads, rosters, promotions, and more.
Context-drivenRe-use presentations across store locations with contextual data elements, or push information contextually to locations.
Content managementManage ads and promotions from anywhere with a simple online content management system
User access managementAssign access management to staff for local updates or push everything from a central location.
Beautiful templatesFrom rosters and schedules to powerful ads and displays, PADS4 offers everything you need

PADS4 case studies

Boost your ROI an show your most accurate advertisements with PADS4 based on price, stock or other databases to drive revenue. 

PADS4 in shops

Stay in control of your network with data-integration and automation rules, so ads stay relevant. Ensure products are always-available, with inventory-based promotions and in-store web-shop access. PADS4 is also ideal for keeping staff informed and in control with schedules and work rosters, training material and product info.