Public Transit

Streamline passenger flow through stations and terminals with smart digital signage solutions.

The most complete transit display signage solution

PADS4 delivers dynamic information across terminals and transit vehicles, sharing context-based guidance based on live platform, stop, and gate updates to reduce missed transfers and wait-times. Improve readability for signs, boards and maps with language support and screen interactivity to inform and engage with accessible displays. Update ads using contextual data like weather, destination, or wait-time to drive revenue. Inform in case of emergencies or, entertain with news, sports, weather, IPTV, and social media to keep passengers engaged, even during long wait periods.

Link your databases and sources to drive value for passengers. Use smart tools to organize and define live data, automatically pushing weather, traffic, platform changes, etc., to displays using context-based workflows and situational programming. PADS4 supports every aspect of passenger information display signage, from transit terminals to trains, buses, taxi, and tram or metro. 

All you need is PADS4

Inform, entertain and engage commuters and travelers with PADS4.

Link to any database

Link to 70+ databases to use existing data for display content. Share real-time arrivals/departures, link gate/platform numbers, update transit status, and more.

Re-use Presentations

Update display information with network-centric rules for location, transit type, number, status, etc., – so you can re-use presentations at every location.

Cost Effective

Upgrade displays to drive value with no database change. Simply link existing databases to share beautiful layouts, real-time information, wayfinding, & more.

PADS4 in Public Transit

Do more with displays across terminals and transit vehicles. PADS4 integrates your data to streamline visitor traffic, reduce missed transfers, and offer real value to travellers.

Automate dataSave time by pre-allocating platforms, stops, and gate data to transit vehicles, so displays automatically update with the right information.
Guide passengersOptimize traffic to avoid busy routes or broken escalators, share platform changes, and push arrival-departures to kiosks and wayfinding across terminals.
Real-time updatesAutomatically update platforms, departures, and statuses using context-driven rules and filters. Displays stay up-to-date, with no need to manually update.
Flexible managementCentrally manage network connections or offer local control, with a combination of remote management and full user-access control.
Scalable networkDeliver data to one location or thousands across your transit network. PADS4 scales to meet your needs with full display and network load management.
Secure displayEnsure passengers stay up-to-date with network security standards and local data storage, so content plays on-time, even when your network is offline.

PADS4 case studies

Learn how PADS4 powers digital signage solutions to inform and entertain passengers during their public transit journey.

PADS4 in Your Terminal

With support for up to 16,000+ displays within one network across geographic locations, PADS4 scales to your needs. PADS4 offers simple display and network control, no matter how large your network. Are you ready to take your passenger information displays to the next level? PADS4 integrates with your existing database to inform your passengers in the right way, at the right time.