Optimize production with smart displays and dashboards

Streamline production, resource management, and allocation across the manufacturing environment using smart data displays and dashboards. PADS4 links to 70+ databases and resources share context-driven updates, alerts, and messaging in real-time. With full support for sensors, equipment, resource-management, rostering and scheduling, PADS4 makes it easy to use digital displays to assign work, manage resources, control production cycles, and push safety and training information.

Link databases to create data visualization and dashboards. Push data to the work-floor to manage production cycles, share information, manage equipment usage, or send alerts as production goals or timelines are met (or not). Share dynamic schedules and rosters, with real-time fleet and equipment assignment and management integrated into location tracking. Managing logistics with load and platform assignment, sequences, and status, so workers can easily see where they’re at. Manage dynamic schedules based on equipment availability and status. Schedule maintenance based on production-cycle to minimize waste and downtime. Or, share dynamic safety and incident management with real-time information and guidance using sensors and external data like weather to keep employees and equipment safe. PADS4 is a data-driven digital signage solution, ideal for every application in the manufacturing environment. 

All you need is PADS4

Inform, entertain and engage staff and guests with PADS4.

Visualize data

Create beautiful data-visualization with automation rules in place to update, inform, and drive production and safety procedures.

Push safety & training

Ensure safety across the work floor with context-driven alerts and updates or emergency information shared across your network.

Go paperless

Cut costs and improve efficiency with digital rosters, schedules, production data, and more to cut paper waste without losing data.

PADS4 in Manufacturing

Create seamless data dashboards and alerts to streamline resource management, production, and safety across work floors.

Data dashboardsLink databases to share data dashboards for production, inventory, and goals to inform, inspire, and guide decision-making
Training informationPush training & safety information contextually to new employees, when standards aren’t being followed, or as periodic reminders
Rosters & schedulesStreamline rosters and scheduling with digital displays and assignments so everyone stays on track
Resource managementSeamlessly assign resources using trackers to optimize resource and truck usage
Repair and maintenanceManage production in-line with repair and maintenance to prevent bottlenecking or waste on the work floor
Production planningStreamline production planning with data visualization for unit production goals and production cycle

Real-time data visualization

Do more with data on work floors, in logistics, and across management. PADS4 links data you already collect to create data visualization that adds value. Whether your goal is to simply inform staff of work schedules and rosters, optimize decision-making with real-time data input, or alert and manage staff or machines, PADS4 makes it easy with simple content management tools.