Simplify guest management with seamless wayfinding, scheduling, and asset management.

Link your data to create dynamic displays

Get in CTRL of signage for staff & guest applications, with tools to connect, share, distribute, and manage content across screens. PADS4 offers out-of-the-box integration with your reservation, fleet-management, and equipment management systems, so you can share your data where it adds the most value. Plus, with smart tools for automation, content filtering, and network management, creating truly smart and dynamic displays is as simple as it should be.

Integrate reservation software to push data across displays. Share dynamic wayfinding information, updated in real-time to reflect room-booking data and entrance management. Update digital door-signs to reflect room requirements for staff, offer guest branding, and share rosters and schedules for room occupancy. Use smart tools like Dynamic Filtering and Viewer Variables to re-use presentations across rooms and locations, offering context-driven information based on location, date, time, etc. PADS4 supports every aspect of your hospitality digital signage, from reception and waiting areas to video walls to door-signs, and even internal desktop communication.

All you need is PADS4

Inform, entertain and engage staff and guests with PADS4.

Link Reservation Systems

Integrate reservation data to room-management, staff rosters and schedules, door-signs, and more to offer dynamic data for staff and guests.

Manage resources

Link fleet & resource management to quickly share equipment status/location, staff rosters, room layout and much more.

Contextually rebrand screens

Offer door-sign and in-room display rebranding using dynamic templates and contextual data-fields, so guests can drive value for their organization.

PADS4 in Hospitality Environments

PADS4 drives value with real-time data integration for room-booking and reservation management, rebranding, and context-driven updates for staff and guests.

Dynamic real-time dataKeep displays relevant with context-driven updates, ads, or promotions based on time-of-day, weather, guests, and more.
Guest-accessImprove room value with guest-access management for in-room displays, using our simple web portal for rebranding and data-sharing.
Room managementUpdate displays to share guest information, room layout, and requirements, to save staff & guests time.
Reusable TemplatesCut reproduction costs with dynamic template fields, updatable based on location, date/time, guest, and more.
Dynamic wayfindingLink wayfinding to room-booking & reservation systems to guide guests to rooms based on current occupant or guest location.
Update staffIntegrate scheduling and rosters, equipment management, and reservation systems to keep staff informed.

PADS4 case studies

PADS4 connects to reservation and booking systems, fleet management, and rosters to streamline how information is shared to employees and guests.

Inform your guests with PADS4

From updating staff to guiding and helping guests, PADS4 offers everything you need to create a truly value-added digital signage network in a hospitality environment. Link all of your data, update and manage every display across your network in real-time, using automation and context-driven rules. Push ads, offer dynamic wayfinding, or drive value with guest branding.