Corporate communication

Leverage digital display communication across the entire corporate environment. 

Empower your office with targeted communication

Make the most of digital signage across your organization, with a complete suite of tools to integrate, share, distribute, and manage data across screens. PADS4 makes it easy to set up and manage corporate communications across digital displays, with user management, data controls, and seamless network management. PADS4 takes a data-driven approach, linking all your resources – from databases to web feeds to HTML and interactive content – to create truly dynamic displays that drive value.

Link welcome screens in reception areas to room management software to share real-time meeting room usage and dynamic wayfinding to prevent bottlenecking. Integrate with telephone systems to see inbound/outbound calls to support centers. Connect to entrance management and guest booking to enhance remote work management and wayfinding. Communicate branding information, share KPIs and data-dashboards, offer live updates and alerts and push to displays across your organization in real-time. From inspiring video walls to simple desktop alerts pushing brand and safety information, PADS4 digital signage software offers everything you need to manage and run display networks for corporate communications.

All you need is PADS4

Inform, entertain and engage staff and visitors with PADS4.

Integrate your data

PADS4 is the only digital signage software offering out-of-the-box integration for every major database. Connect SAP, SharePoint, XL, ERP, CRM, and more with a simple wizard.

Smart display rules

Share dynamic information using smart context-based rules and automation to filter content, update screens based on incoming data, and keep displays up-to-date.

Fully scalable

From one screen to 16,000+, PADS4 supports your needs with seamless network and display management tools, native to a range of hardware solutions.

PADS4 in Corporate Environments

PADS4 supports every aspect of digital signage in corporate environments. From company lobby, way-finding, meeting rooms, break-rooms, call center, to after-sales facilities, PADS4 takes your displays further.

Resource ManagementShare employee work rosters and schedules, track vehicles, and manage equipment status and usage to improve productivity and time management.
Manage Meeting RoomsLink room management software to displays to keep users informed of room usage, so you save time, cut bottlenecks and reduce double-bookings.
Wayfinding ScreensHelp visitors navigate through buildings or across corporate campus to dynamic waypoints, driven by real-time entrance-management and room usage data.
Data DisplaysInspire, motivate, and inform with real-time KPIs and data dashboards to improve productivity.
Corporate BrandingReinforce corporate branding across the organization with customizable messaging and graphics.
Alerts & UpdatesPush company-or-office-wide messaging, alerts, and emergency information across displays and desktops.

PADS4 case studies

 PADS4 makes the most of existing data to guide visitors, streamline work-schedules, optimize meeting room usage, welcome and inform partners, and inform employees with targeted communication.

Get in CTRL with PADS4

PADS4 offers everything you need to manage displays across the corporate environment. Offer employee access with restricted user rights or manage everything from a central location. Link real-time content, manage displays, and share data effortlessly with a combination of automation, context-driven rules, and beautiful display templates