Modular digital signage software

Use existing resources, create graphics, and program smart rules to share data – PADS4 offers digital signage solutions for every industry. Our flexible approach puts you in control, with tools to manage screens, data, and users, to deliver targeted digital communication across your display network.

Corporate communication

Leverage digital display communication across the entire corporate environment. PADS4 makes the most of existing data to guide visitors, streamline work-schedules, optimize meeting room usage, welcome and inform partners, and inform employees with targeted communication. Empower your office with simple, efficient communication to motivate, inspire, and move your teams and guests.



Optimize data usage and display across airports with PADS4. Connect to 70+ data sources ranging from advertising, social media, news, IPTV and more, with dynamic rules to sort and display information. For example, automatically insert rows for code-shared flights on departure screens or share real-time data like weather, news, gate changes, and emergency broadcasts with context-driven rules to keep you in control.

Eindhoven Airport-14


Simplify guest management with seamless wayfinding, scheduling, and asset management. PADS4 connects to reservation and booking systems, fleet management, and rosters to streamline how information is shared to employees and guests. Plus, with simple tools to update displays, PADS4 offers guest branding, real-time updates to reflect room occupancy, and much more.


Public Transit

Streamline passenger flow through stations and terminals with smart digital signage solutions. PADS4 connects to every major database to seamlessly share arrivals/departures, real-time wayfinding, and emergency messaging. Plus, with simple controls and user account management, every terminal can update content based on factors like geographic location, to generate real value for passengers.

New PADS4-certification 2017 certified by the Malaysian government for use in public transport


Promote products or third-party ads across stores and shops. Capture sales before customers leave stores, with touchscreen displays supporting online purchases. Drive sales with context-driven rules, displaying products based on external factors such as weather, product availability, audience, or time of day. PADS4 offers a full suite of smart digital signage tools to put you in control.



Link displays to production and planning systems to create real-time data overviews, rosters, and alerts. Seamlessly assign resources via digital screens, alert employees to inactive machinery, or share data to optimize processes. PADS4 offers data visualization using algorithms to share production data, resource management, safety info, and more, so employees can make informed decisions.