Four ways to create a smart digital building


Four ways to create a smart digital building

In our previous article you’ve already been able to expand your knowledge on smart digital buildings, but are you aware of current trends that take place in these buildings? Measures to make working from home possible might be an obvious one that comes to mind in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic, but there is much more to a smart digital building.  

Curious to find out what’s happening on the smart digital building market? Continue reading and find out! 

1. Facilitate employees at the office

Let’s start with the most obvious one; ever since the COVID-19 pandemic came around, working from home is everywhere. Many industries that have the possibility to work from home, do so. At a first glance you could say that this does not really change anything for a smart digital building. But how about saving energy costs since less people are at the office? Or making efficient use of building space for people who do need to come to the office?  

When you let staff book their workplace before coming to the office, you are already on your way to making efficient use of workspace. Booking beforehand also helps with keeping health and safety rules and regulations in mind. Set a specific distance in between desks, and change the maximum number of people allowed in a meeting room to meet the new standard.  

2. Communicate efficiently

Nowadays people work from many different locations. However, it remains important to stay in touch with everyone, no matter where they are. What better way to communicate with your employees than via their computer desktop? Instantly send business numbers or company news to your entire staff, and keep them all updated.  

For those working at the office, there is another simple solution to keep them all informed. An existing display network can easily be used to send those same updates available for everyone. From a screen at the reception area, to the canteen and the meeting room. All screens serve a purpose with data-driven communication. Automate company updates to keep everyone up to date, guide visitors through your building, and inspire staff with interesting news articles. Effective communication not only improves the experience building users have, it also improves the productivity of your employees  

3. Invest in the well-being of your employees

Ensuring the well-being of your employees is not just about preventing burnouts or mental issues. It’s also about creating a work environment where people feel safe and comfortable. Once employees are able to go back to the office more often, many spend more time in their workplace than at homeWhen employers create safer and more comfortable work conditions, staff productivity will increase and all parties will benefit.  

In a smart digital building, processes help create an environment where employees feel comfortableOverview screens at the entrance inform everyone of rules and regulations in your building, systems can be set up to heat up the room when someone enters, and work areas can be altered. From focus areas, to brainstorm rooms, all areas serve a specific purpose. 

4. Become a sustainable company

Whereas it’s convenient for employees to enter in a pre-heated room, these functions can also be beneficial in becoming more eco-friendly. Lights, air-conditioning, heating, and any other systems you can think of don’t have to be used when no one is around. It contributes to a better environment for everyone, and improves your sustainability at the same time. 

With rules and pre-defined situations, building systems anticipates to what’s happening in an office building. When a desk booking is made, building systems know when to turn on the lights and turn up the heat.  

How does PADS4 handle your workplace challenges?

PADS4 supports an optimized user experience in a smart digital building, and all these trends contribute to the experience users haveThe PADS4 Digital Signage Module helps you communicate effectively with all your employees, no matter where they are working and with the PADS4 Workspace Module you manage desks and meeting rooms from one central place. The PADS4 IoT Module connects to cameras and sensors, which ensures a safer environment. And with the PADS4 Wayfinding module, you not only communicate efficiently to visitors who need to find their way, it also improves the well-being of employees when they are redirected to their destination when an elevator is no longer working. The PADS4 Modules hand you all the tools needed to make the most of your entire workplace.  

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