Four trends that improve your employee experience


Four trends that improve your employee experience

The COVID-19 pandemic impacts many industries, and the corporate environment is one of them. More people than ever started working from home, and it looks like this development is here to stay. Even when people are finally allowed to work from the office again, that routine and environment will change.  

Major companies around the world already announced a new work ethic. Twitter, Facebook, and Dropbox are a few companies that decided to let their employees work from home indefinitely, whereas Microsoft and Siemens allow their staff to work remotely for 50% of their time. These companies simply explain that employees that work from home are just as, or even more productive than those working at the office, so why would everyone have to return to the office? For those who do want to work at the office, many meetings will have more of a social aspect than before. 

Besides a shift in the reason to visit the office, many other trends can be mentioned for 2021 and the upcoming years. Some may find their roots in the pandemic, others are just part of a digital transition. Did you know about the following trends in employee experience? 

1. The workplace changes to better support different activities

Rooms and areas that match certain activities are valuable to employees when they need certain things done. A brainstorm room can help in a creative process, or a focus area helps when a new campaign needs to be written. All these spaces can be booked, not just a meeting room, but also a desk, multiple desks close to each other, or a specific area. With rooms for different activities, you enable and stimulate your employees to bring out their best, and with the ability to book spaces, you stay in control of occupancy. 

Collaboration spaces
2. Rearranging the 9 to 5 work culture

While working from home, many people have a different rhythm from working in the office. In between answering e-mails and attending online meetings, you can get your groceries done at a quiet time and enjoy an extensive lunch, and continue work for a few more hours in the evening. Why would this rhythm have to change when the time comes to return to the office? A better balance between work and private life creates happier employees, that will therefore be more productive and motivated to give their all at work. You can have a meeting with colleagues in the morning, and go home to continue work there if that better suits your schedule. With a calendar tool, all this can be filled in there, so everyone knows what can be expected of others. 

3. Flex offices are the new normal

The rise of flex offices are in line with the many different spaces that fit your activities. Why would you give all your employees a set workspace, when many continue to work (partly) from home and come to the office every now and then? With hot desking or desk hoteling areas in your office, your staff can book a desk when they need to. It gives you as an employer the opportunity to optimize the use of your office space, since removing traditional workspaces with a desk for every person frees up a lot of space.  

Yoga at the office
4. Employee well-being becomes more and more important

Worldwide there are more and more companies that realize how important an employee’s well-being is. Exercise has proven to be one of many ways to improve a person’s well-being, so why not set some fun challenges for your employees? With small competitions, you can get people going for a walk during their lunch instead of staying in, and displaying it on your screens makes it visible for everyone, and it gives some extra motivation to join the challenge. Boosting your staff’s well-being can even be as simple as showing rules and regulations in your company. It gives a sense of safety and let them know that you are actively working on creating a safer environment.  

How can PADS4 help implement hese developments in your office?

The PADS4 Workspace module helps you create the best possible experience at your workspace. The Outlook integration makes it possible for employees to easily book any space or desk that fits their activities for the day, and the calendar automatically gives a clear overview of when everyone is working and can be reached. From a kiosk at the entrance area that allows an employee or a visitor to book a desk last minute, to sensors in a meeting room that keep an eye on occupancy. And with attractive content on screens, you motivate employees and help boost their well-being. Our software package provides multiple ways to get in control of your digital communication. Smart features such as the Viewer Variables save you reproduction costs, and the smart, data and situation-driven designs save you time. The PADS4 Workspace module combines many systems already existing in your company to enhance the user journey throughout your workplace.   

Are you looking for ways to upgrade your employee experience? Contact us and we’ll help you reach your goals!