Enhanced Smart Meeting Room management solution


Enhanced Smart Meeting Room management solution with ProDVX

NDS has announced the latest release of PADS4, their data driven digital signage platform. With the new version, PADS4 fully supports the 10.1” Android SoC Display with Surround LED Bar (APPC-10SLB), manufactured by ProDVX. The continued collaboration between NDS and ProDVX offers dynamic solutions for room booking and room signage applications.

PADS4 fully supports Android SOC display with surround LED bar

NDS has successfully tested and certified the ProDVX Android SoC Display. “The ProDVX Surround LED Bar display is a valuable addition to the diverse range of devices that we support on the PADS4 platform. Now, our customers can control the color and change the LED bar based on predefined rules.

This will enable organizations to use the LED light to display for example the status of the room or to extend corporate branding on their door signs”, says Jurjen Noorloos, technical sales manager at NDS. Customers using the ProDVX APPC-10SLB can incorporate the PADS4 Smart Meeting Room solutions throughout their entire facility and even on multiple sites, within one single signage network, providing value by integrating room-booking systems, sharing guest-branding, and streamlining wayfinding.

Bringing acces control to interactive room management

The ProDVX Integrated Android Displays, well-known as reliable and effective digital signage displays, come with Power over Ethernet and range from 7 inch to 32 inch. By adding the optional barcode scanner and NFC module facility managers are able to apply access control at the entrance of the meeting rooms. In combination with PADS4 individuals can effortlessly check when rooms are full and when empty, book room-time through the interactive display, and share indoor wayfinding to specific meeting rooms to help visitors and colleagues from other departments easily find the room.