Optimize your corporate communication


Optimizing corporate and workplace communication with digital signage

Enhance your corporate communication

Effective communication drives successful companies. From the board room to the work floor, digital signage helps to take you there. Displays present a simple and effective way of pushing information across your organization. Guiding, motivating, teaching, and reminding – so that everyone stays on track.

Enhance meeting room communication

Meeting rooms are built for communication, and digital signage works to enhance. Large-scale screens in meeting rooms present interactive and HD alternatives to projectors, driving engagement and reducing room requirements. With technologies like touchscreen, web-portals in the form of PADS4 Crystal CMS, and real-time data using context-based rules, individuals can engage with and update signage in real time – using screens for whiteboarding, digital dashboards, and media-sharing.

Smaller screens and tablets on doors and at entrance ways provide value in other ways, integrating room-booking systems, sharing guest-branding, and streamlining wayfinding. Individuals can effortlessly check when rooms are full or empty, book room-time through an interactive display, and share indoor wayfinding to specific meeting rooms to help guests and individuals from other departments easily find their way.

Share motivational messages and data

Companies ranging from ATOS to BASF integrate digital signage across offices to push corporate messages, news, and branding. Digital signage networks update effortlessly from one central location, allowing managers and HR to instantly share messages, reminders, and motivational data. Screens can push workplace events and workshops in real-time, complete with touchscreen opt-ins or real-time signup and placement availability data. Live mapping can share smart updates regarding building maintenance or repair, keeping individuals informed of out-of-order stairways, restrooms, and equipment. Digital screens affordably highlight employee-of-the-month or other achievers, alert individuals of new employees or new promotions, and quickly share new rules and regulations.

Signage also allows you to quickly share motivational and inspirational messages across the workplace. With support for real-time data, screens make an ideal solution for sharing data dashboards for everything from stock to work output to progress towards a goal. If you are measuring data, you can connect it through PADS4 and share it into a beautiful layout or dashboard to keep everyone up to date. From wayfinding to sharing live data, digital signage integrates into nearly every aspect of corporate messaging to enhance, streamline, and simplify communication.

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