How do you use digital signage in your building?


How do you use digital signage in your building?

Within a smart digital building, many aspects can be found. The user experience in a building is an important one, and is made up of multiple factors, digital signage and for example wayfinding being one of them. These factors are not only important for the employee experience. It also adds to a better journey for visitors as well.  

Digital signage is more than only a screen with some meeting room information. Do you know how exactly digital signage optimizes a smart digital building? In below article, we tell you how signage can be implemented in your company, and what you can use it for 

1. Digital signage as infotainment

Whether it’s a waiting area, the welcome area, or the canteen, all these places can be used to inform people about your company. From business information such as rules and regulations, to fun facts, or employee stories, this content can give visitors an insight on your company.   

Infotainment with PADS4
2. Internal communication informs all employees

Whereas infotainment informs your visitors about your company, internal information keeps all your employees up to date on the latest changes that are taking place. Show KPI’s to keep your sales team on their toes, inspire your marketing team with infographics, or keep people aware of current rules and regulations in the company.  

Internal communication powered by PADS4
3. Attractive menu boards in your canteen

When you have a canteen with a menu that changes per location, monthly, weekly, or even daily, changing that menu can be a time-consuming task. What if you could do this more efficient, and at the same time create a visually attractive menu that drives sales? With bright colors and clear pictures, you engage your employees even in the canteen, and if you promote products based on for example the weather outside, your menus are always tempting. 

digital menu boards with PADS4
4. Create a safer environment with digital signage

The past year safety has been on everyone’s mind. Digital signage gives you an easy way to inform all people of your rules and regulations. With sensor and camera integrations, ieven gives you the opportunity to keep an eye on your surroundings, creating a trustworthy environment. With digital signage you can not only inform employees, and prevent breaches, you also detect those breaches and are able to instantly react to them. 

A safer workplace in the new normal with clear instructions
How can PADS4 support your smart building?

The PADS4 platform consists of four different modules, one specifically meant for digital signage. The PADS4 digital signage module hands you all the tools you need for effective communication. With our software package, you create, schedule, and distribute your own content and templates easily. Whether you only need to communicate to one location, or multiple locations worldwide, with the Viewer Variables feature and the possibility to manage all content from one central location, it will be as easy as ever.  

Curious to find out what digital signage can add to your office building? Contact us and we’ll help!