Data is everything – Everything is data


Data is everything
Everything is data


Over the past two decades, technology has evolved at a rapid pace, bringing once impossible technologies into the palms of our hands. Today, a large percentage of the world relies on digital for communication, guidance, wayfinding, and entertainment.

This paradoxically creates large volumes of data, while generating an increasing demand for consumer to access it. 98% of all data is stored digitally, and this means that the companies creating it already own the information they need to provide solutions. This process, known as datafication, has driven the creation of big data, enabling corporations to learn more about their consumers, what they want, and how they act. By combining data with smart solutions like the PADS4 digital signage platform, companies can deliver inspiration, wayfinding, guidance, and much more.


People use data to make decisions in every area of their lives. Every purchase, every direction taken, and every choice is based on information. Digital signage can play a crucial role in this, because people look to signage to provide directions, answers, and inspiration. Using data, corporations can anticipate consumer and employee needs to provide the right information at the right time. This kind of smart, targeted content enables you to use your data to drive actions.

By coupling data sources like MS Exchange, MS SharePoint, Delphi, and SAP to PADS4, companies can create these types of applications directly in PADS4. The platform then allows you to filter and utilize data, to make smart decisions, and to automate real-time displays to create smart and personal communication.

Because PADS4 enables companies to distribute all their communication to every screen from a single network, that communication can be updated based on location, time of day, or other smart ‘If This Then That’ rules such as the weather, traffic, or internal business data. For example, a company aiming to reduce their energy usage or to reduce their CO2 footprint could display data on C02 output and waste in real time, while a company hoping to inspire employees could display KPI representations. Hotels and venues can display room rental with maps and arrows, but they can also integrate airport data and public transport schedules, with ads triggered for coffee or other beverages when planes or busses are late.


PADS4 is a digital signage software package with all the tools to design, schedule, distribute, and view content. By coupling data sources, you can access all of your business data right in PADS4. Once connected, drag and drop features allow non-technical users to design and schedule content for automatic delivery. Built in analytics also enable companies to monitor network performance. This tool also makes it easy to remotely manage display content. Therefore, even large networks of 16,000+ screens can be managed from a central location.

PADS4 also enables powerful internal organization communication with the PADS4 Desktop Viewer and Messenger. These tools allow instant communication because companies can push messages to desktop displays throughout their entire organization. This technology could be used, for example, to offer instant branding updates, to communicate inside of large networks such as government infrastructure. Or, it could be used to inspire employees with key data, presentations, or communicate with remote network branches. In short, PADS4 enables you to couple data you already own to drive results, improve communication, and translate information you own into actionable messages and solutions.

Harnessing data is a major trend, and NDS is already making that happen with their PADS4 product. With over 25 years of experience in data-driven solutions, NDS is leading the way towards smarter digital signage.

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