Creating smart and personal digital signage with PADS4


Smart and personal Digital Signage with PADS4


Digital is taking over. Whether in the form of smartphones and smarter televisions, or digital signage replacing analogue, that fact is hard to miss. The static signage of the past is quickly becoming outmoded and outclassed. Especially in a world where digital can integrate big data and social interaction to create customized and person driven content.

Today, businesses have the opportunity to create real engagement by tapping into rich data sources such as Microsoft Exchange, SAP, content management systems, video surveillance, room reservation, queue management, and social media to make displays dynamic and personalized. But, while many understand the value and impact of adding digital signage to marketing and communication touch-points, digital integration can be challenging if you don’t know how to connect your data or how to use that information for your signage.

PADS4 software allows you to change static communication into smart, moment driven and personalized touch-points. It allows you to integrate your existing data sources into smart, responsive displays using scheduling, rules, and real-time indicators to communicate to large audiences such as at an airport or business location.


Converting analytics and big data into smart signage allows for a range of customization, including better predictions, time management, and audience driven advertisement and infomercials. Analytics in queue management help to predict expected wait times, show targeted ads, and increase engagement during a necessary wait time. In a specific environment, this technology can be adapted to offer valuable information. For example, in a bank, it can be adapted to show a message in line with the available specialties, along with an expected wait time using company data.


PADS4 makes it possible to share anything from your own content and posts to a stream of customer reactions, comments, and reviews right on your signage displays. A study shows that 92% of consumers are more likely to trust peer recommendations, making social a powerful addition to advertising, as well as to brand promotion.


Smart signage allows you to use real time data such as the weather, sports scores, news feeds, and much more right into your displays. This makes it easy to create customized content based on specific situations, such as the temperature or whether or not it’s raining. You can also use data feeds and simple “If this Then that” rules to show specific ads and even prices based on real time third-party information.


In 2015, the Outdoor Advertising Association of America published a study showing that digital signage is more engaging, and more likely to be remembered. Their study, which combined their own research with data from Nielson, states that 55% of respondents remembered messages from digital signage they had seen. Nearly 82% remembered specific advertisements from the previous month. What does this mean? Digital signage stands out, so consumers pay attention to it.

Dynamic and interactive digital signage allows you to trigger certain on-screen reactions based on audience interaction. With PADS4 content can change based on what consumers are looking at or doing, and can be used to show on-demand videos as well as custom product comparisons.

You likely already have the data to make smart visual communnication possible and the next step is simply integrating it into your signage network. PADS4 is able to connect seamlessly with any data source to help schedule, plan, and create personalized ads based on real-time environment and if/then rules, so you can get there.