Make your workspace smarter with sensor data

Stay in real-time control of your corporate spaces, with data driven occupancy insight gained from your sensors.

Optimize your building with up-to-date sensor data for efficient use of your spaces

First of all, what are occupancy sensors? With occupancy sensors you collect data based on occupancy. They allow you to optimize properties with real-time occupancy data using sensors to monitor how your workspaces are being used. The collected data can show you for instance how many people are in your facility at the moment or how your spaces are being used throughout the day. Sensors can also help you improve the well-being of your employees by making changes to the office space.

With PADS4 you can connect with those sensors and integrate them into one unified workspace platform to manage your bookable spaces such as meeting rooms, huddle rooms, quiet rooms and desks. Manage high traffic areas to maintain a safer environment , but also easily detect underutilized spaces. Integrate sensor technology with the PADS4 Workspace Module and help your employees to quickly find free spaces and collect valuable insight about the use of your spaces.

All you need is PADS4

Use smart sensors to collect valuable insights about the occupancy and use of your workspaces, meeting rooms and rest rooms powered by PADS4.

Enhance user experience

Increase the employee and visitor experience, using the utilization and occupancy data provided by workspace sensors.

Accurate and real-time data delivery

Retrieve accurate data on desk hoteling, conference rooms and other spaces such as real-time availability and usage information.

Trigger maintenance requirements

Trigger notifications to your facility management team to inform about potential maintenance requirements, such as broken beamers etc.

Improve safety and security

Add an extra layer of safety and use sensors to detect the whereabouts of anyone left in your building, in case of fire or other emergencies.

PADS4 supports
sensor driven space management

PADS4 Sensor Connection helps you get more from your available space, based on real-time occupancy data.

Improve employee well-beingUse of sensors help you make workspace changes that benefit your users.
Quickly check free spaceHelp employees quickly find available free addressing desks on your floor plan.
Better use of spacesReconfigure underutilized spaces with insights to better suit your people's needs.
End 'no show' bookingsAutomatically free up booked rooms that are not in use.
Workplace insightsGiving you exact occupancy numbers and real-time space usage.
Live presence detectionKnow exactly how many people are in your facility at this moment.

PADS4 Smart Sensor Management

Optimize the use of your office space with up-to-date sensor data. Real-time occupancy data give you useful insights on how to improve the lay-out of your office. With PADS4 you have full control over your entire office space.


Desk Management

Optimize your office space with the flexible use of desks.

A solution for flexible desk usage

Many people are working from home. Less people at the office, opens up an opportunity for employers to optimize the workplace. To create an efficient and optimized work environment, it’s important to gain knowledge of how the space is used. As a facility manager, you need insights in occupancy rates and peaks. With these understandings, you can let go of the traditional setting where everyone has their own desk. Shared desks offer your employees a desk when needed, and it makes efficient use of the space you have. The more efficient you make use of the space, the lower your costs will be. With a hot desking or desk hoteling concept you create a new optimized environment.

Cost efficiency is not the only advantage. Your employee engagement increases, their productivity grows, and collaboration between teams gets a boost. A different environment each time prevents workers from falling into routines, which stimulates their creativity along the way. PADS4 desk management helps you as head of the facility department oversee all desks in your workplace. Whether you choose a reservation-based concept where employees choose and book their workspace for any day before coming to the office, or you decide on a concept where all desks are free to use when people need it, desk management offers you insights in the usage of your workplace.

Smart Desk Management

Optimize your office space with easy-to-use software that helps you gain insights in the usage of workspaces.

Hot Desking

Different from desk hoteling, hot desks are not assigned to an employee. All desks are available for anyone to use, and once employees need a desk to fulfill their tasks, they can simply take a seat behind a free desk. Even though it can be a challenge to find out if someone is in the office today, it also helps your employees to get out of daily routines, increases productivity due to fitting spaces, and improves collaboration between employees.

Hot Desking

Desk Hoteling

The concept of desk hoteling still assigns workspaces to employees, but it’s only temporary. All desks are shared, and when your staff want to visit the office, they have the opportunity to book the space they want to work. If a team has a creative meeting, one specific meeting room can fit their needs, or when someone wants to focus, a cubicle is what they desire. Use of desks here is reservation based, giving you a clear insight in the use.

Reverse Hoteling

There are always workspaces that are reserved for certain people. Your CEO has his own office, and your IT guy has his own area to work surrounded by necessary hardware. Reverse desking helps you optimize the use of those spaces. When they for example go on holiday, or visit an expo, they can allow other employees to book their workspace. It can be a quiet place to focus and just an extra workspace for those who need it.

Why PADS4 for Desk Management?

From cost savings, to a better work environment. PADS4 Desk Management improves your office with smart solutions.

Improve Space UtilizationOptimize your office space with smart tools, and discover how you can facilitate more people in the same space
Occupancy InsightsObtain useful insights into the usage of desks and meeting rooms at your office, and set up your office accordingly
Increase productivityLet employees book a workspace that fits their needs for the day, and help increase their creativity simultaneously
Match their needsWith smart tools, employees choose a workspace that is equipped with the hardware they prefer and need.
Avoid Ghost BookingsSensors detect when a meeting room isn't being used, sending a real-time trigger to the system to update the room
Book anywhereBook workspaces through a mobile app or on your computer desktop, all bookings are made visible real-time

Make your building smarter with PADS4

Smart Digital Buildings know many advantages. Whether you want to create a cost efficient building, or a building where employees and visitors feel at home and one that highly values sustainability. PADS4 helps you achieve those objectives.



Guide visitors in real-time through your smart digital building with dynamic wayfinding across your network.

Data-Driven Digital Wayfinding

Leverage digital wayfinding to improve customer service, visitor satisfaction, and timely arrival.  From hospitals to government buildings to outdoor events and venues, getting from one place to another is crucial to the visitor experience. With PADS4 to power your wayfinding digital signage, you can connect existing data sources, update wayfinding maps in real-time, support touch and interactive maps or menus, and offer a range of wayfinding services. Smart Signage for Wayfinding, powered by PADS4, offers truly smart wayfinding tools. Strategically placed digital wayfinding displays lead 

visitors through buildings. Smart sensors collect data relating to foot-traffic, congestion, route changes, destination changes, or issues. With automation and real-time updates, you can update routes after destination changes, based on congestion and speed of walking, weather, or even outages like broken escalators. PADS4 makes it easy to stay in control of your wayfinding digital signage displays. No matter how large your network, PADS4 updates your displays in seconds, automates updates using smart tools, and offers complete scheduling to ensure directions are always up-to-date. 

Data-Driven Wayfinding Tools

PADS4 offers a complete toolset to create and share truly dynamic digital wayfinding to guide employees, visitors and guests across your facilities.

Optimize Routes

Use dynamic wayfinding to ensure visitor directions are always optimized for speed and ease-of-use, with updates for data like route options, and weather.


Use tools like Viewer Variables and pre-allocation to ensure directions are always up-to-date even as factors, like residency, at destinations change.

Always Available

Use interactive kiosks to guide every visitor to where they need to be, with full accessibility options including multi-lingual support and other solutions.

Optimizing the user experience with PADS4

Enhance the experience your employees and visitors have while finding their way around your smart digital building with PADS4.

Touchscreen NativeReduce burden on customer support with seamless self-service and wayfinding kiosks complete with interactive menus.
Viewer VariablesCut reproduction costs with variable data for location or wait time, so presentations can be reused across screens.
Multi-mediaShare dynamic digital wayfinding complete with infotainment, audio-guidance, and images to improve directions.
Real-Time DataUpdate directions, routes, and destination data with real-time data information 70+ databases so visitors always stay on track.
Pre-Allocated DataAutomatically update information even as gates, residency, or flights change with data allocation and automation.
Emergency SupportBroadcast emergency alerts across every display on your network, with smart guidance to facilitate safe exit.

PADS4 cases

Smart Signage for Wayfinding in your smart digital building is powered by PADS4, and allows you to optimize your visitor and employee experience.

Smart Signage for Wayfinding with PADS4

Optimize your wayfinding and customer service and your user satisfaction improves instantly. With PADS4 to power your wayfinding digital signage, you connect to your existing data sources, update wayfinding maps in real time, and offer a range of wayfinding services. PADS4 makes it easy for you to stay in control of the user experience in your smart digital building.


Digital Menu Boards

Drive sales in restaurants, or engage employees in your canteen. PADS4 creates digital signage to promote products based on weather, inventory, and more.

Create Dynamic Digital Menu Boards

PADS4 is the data-driven approach to digital menu boards that will change the way you create menus in your restaurant or corporate canteen. Our software allows facility management to develop smart and dynamic menu boards, programmed to respond to real-time events like time of day. Drive sales by attracting more customers, or inform your employees, all with attractive content. Once setup, PADS4 automatically updates your menu reflecting the weather, rush hour in your office or even product availability. Integrate various sensors and data to update menus based on crowd, wait-times, or link menus to events or guests – promoting relevant offers has never been easier.

Our software manages everything in your smart building. From displays at workspaces that notify employees of availability in the cafeteria, or smart schedules that cycle through breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus in restaurants. Our Viewer Variables feature saves reproduction costs, making it possible to show content based on placement, without having to change the presentation. PADS4 even allows you to update your entire network of digital menu boards from one central location, so those responsible update pricing and menu items in minutes, add branding for special events, and completely change layouts, whether it’s an outdoor billboard or an inside self-service kiosk.

Smarter Digital Menus

Cut wait and queue times with smarter menus for customers, and inform employees of peak hours with effective integrations.

Reduce Wait Time

Integrate data like queue management to update menu offerings based on wait-time, or send updates to employees to avoid queues during rush hours.

Stay Relevant

Keep your menus up-to-date and relevant, changing to reflect time-of-day, occupancy, location, weather, specific promotions, or any other details.


Reduce demand on customer service with dynamic self-service kiosks and touch-screen menu options, spreading crowds across your restaurant or canteen.

PADS4 Engaging Digital Menu Boards

With one platform to design content, manage network and displays, and automate content management, PADS4 makes digital menu boards easy in any environment.

Link DataConnect your databases to update menu content based on inventory, sensors, time-of-day, or other pre-allocated factors.
Viewer VariablesFilter data on presentations to update variables like time, location, and more, cutting your reproduction costs.
TouchscreenShare interactive menus in restaurants, your corporate canteen, and more, with dynamic menus that update when needed.
MultimediaCreate beautiful menus with templates, supporting multimedia like photo, text, video, real time social media and IPTV.
Always-OnStay in control with tools designed to ensure every display runs smoothly, even when your network goes down.
Real-time UpdatesPush promotions, special-offers, and sales across menus with updates to reflect stock, changes in weather, or other factors.

PADS4 cases

PADS4 raises the bar on your digital menu boards. Our software allows you to create a dynamic menu board, that automatically changes its content to reflect the weather or time of day.

Smart Digital Menu Boards with PADS4

Static paper menu boards have been long gone and replaced with dynamic, digital menu boards. PADS4 allows you to respond to real-time situations, like the weather, time of day, rush hours in canteens or other factors. You are able to drive sales and optimize engagement, without any added costs. With PADS4 you can do all of this from one central location, promoting relevant offerings has never been easier.


Meeting Room Management

Stay in real-time control of your meeting and conference facilities, and save time and money while making the most of them.

A complete meeting room management solution

Managing meeting rooms and corporate facilities requires flexible solutions that are capable of keeping up with daily and even hourly changes to bookings, events, and meeting rooms. PADS4 offers real-time control with smart meeting room and smart booking solutions. Save time and money as a facility manager while keeping booking, wayfinding, signage, and in-room communication up-to-date and relevant for everyone that uses it. With integrations for various booking tools and data sources, all your displays remain up to date and relevant.

Quickly and easily reuse presentations with variable brands, names and logos, and organize your wayfinding around your visitors and employees. PADS4 supports your in-room communication, including browser-based solutions, allowing clients to use screens for their own presentations and data all to maximize value for the ones responsible for the facility. PADS4 helps you manage all aspects of your meeting room, from booking a room to digital signage in the room. We help you save time, and improve the user experience.

All you need is PADS4

Get in control of all your meeting and conference room management with PADS4.

Keep staff up-to-date

Link to booking systems and equipment databases to seamlessly update displays to indicate room layout, needs, status, and more.

Branding adds value

Enhance the client experience with branding and personalization of in-room signage, complete with client-facing CMS.

Optimize wayfinding

Offer smarter wayfinding with dynamic updates, so guests can find rooms based on occupant, even after last-minute room changes.

Easily book a space

Smart booking tools keep your employees up-to-date on availability and give you as a facility manager an overview of usage.

PADS4 manages
meeting facilities

PADS4 Meeting Room Management helps you get more from the available space, saves you time, and improves your employee and visitor experience.

Avoid conflictsAvoid scheduling conflicts and double booking.
Save timeSave time with easy network management tools.
Reduce reproduction costsReduce reproduction costs with reusable templates.
Guide visitorsGuide visitors and staff to their destinations.
In controlPut hosts in control of screens in meeting rooms.
Corporate brandingCreate corporate branding across your organisation.

PADS4 cases

PADS4 easily integrates into the existing infrastructure  and workflow of your organization. See how other organizations already benefit from automated display communication powered by PADS4.

PADS4 Meeting Room Management

Smart booking tools help your employees book rooms, and wayfinding with meeting details guide everyone where they need to be. With real-time updates, shown content is always relevant. PADS4 offers a range of tools designed for your meeting rooms, including integrations with industry standard software such as Amadeus Advanced – Delphi, Microsoft Exchange, Google Calendar, and Office 365.


Internal Communication

Inform, inspire, and guide with real-time data. Our internal communication solutions help you build on existing data to create truly smart signage.

An Internal Communication Platform

PADS4 offers all the tools you need to set-up, manage, and share content effectively across your display network. Our range of digital signage solutions support you in building employee engagement, communicating ideas, and pushing data across your organization to boost safety. It offers you as a facility manager an internal communication solution that integrates all your data sources to schedule and assign presentations and displays with live data streams. It’s even possible to connect big data and show inspiring and helpful information in real-time. With many people working from home, we understand you’re looking for ways to stay in touch. Our Desktop Communication keeps you connected, with screen to screen communication for individual or broadcasted messages on screensavers and in pop-ups.

Real-time data ensures your signage is always relevant, no matter who is using the room. Maybe you want to display work instruction videos, or you want to direct visitors and employees to the correct meeting rooms. Whether you want to show the sales statistics of this month, or inspire employees with real-time stock and profit information, PADS4 makes it all possible. PADS4 digital signage helps you take control of your internal communication. Create custom, location-based messages and manage all your display communication from one central location. Whether you supervise one small building, or many offices around the world, PADS4 boosts your communication, brand, and inspirational content on screens, including kiosks, video walls, desktops and meeting room displays.

Smart Office Displays

Integrate any database to create beautiful displays that add value across your offices, reception, and work floor.

Guide Visitors
and Employees

Implement real-time wayfinding, resource management, and guest check-in management to reduce wait-times and confused visitors across offices.

Boost your

Share real-time KPIs, equipment management, and resource management with your employees to boost productivity with inspiration and awareness.

Improve Time Management

Push updated calendars and schedules, resource management information, and deadlines across offices to keep your employees on track and motivated.

Why PADS4 for digital signage?

From stunning video walls to desktop communication, PADS4 offers the internal communication solutions to meet your corporate needs.

ReceptionCreate beautiful reception screens to welcome guests, inform employees, and share corporate branding or KPIs
DashboardsLink data to create dashboards sharing KPIs, progress to goals, rosters and schedules, and more
Desktop CommunicationPush targeted desktop communication with branding, training information, alerts, etc., with read-notifications
Meeting RoomsImplement door-signs and in-room displays to improve room management and add-value to conferences and meetings
BookingLet employees book the meeting room they need easily from their mobile app or computer desktop
Dynamic DataIntegrate many databases with data-filtering and automation to share dynamic data across any display

PADS4 cases

PADS4 offers a range of internal communication solutions. With PADS4, you can build employee engagement, communicate ideas easily and save time and money on the way.

Smart Internal Communication Signage with PADS4

Effective internal communication helps you build a succesful business. Save time, boost productivity, and save money with PADS4. Whether you want to share your branding, or inspire your employees, with PADS4 you can create your very own custom, location-based messages. Controlling is easy, all your screens are managed from one central location.


Social Safety Signage

Improve the well-being of employees and visitors in your workplace and create a safe environment in the New Normal for everyone.

A Digital Signage Platform for Social Safety

Extraordinary times ask for extraordinary measures, and eventually give way to a new normal. The newfound alertness against contagion during this pandemic may signal the end of hugs and handshakes. New technologies such as temperature screening become mandatory, and face masks, gloves and hand sanitizers are now commonplace. Hygiene and sanitizations are no more an option but a mandate. More things are accomplished online than ever imagined, and many people work from home. Companies operate on reduced attendance and encourage online alternatives. Even from a distance, the well-being of employees is more than ever a priority. Companies want to get back in business safely as soon as possible. Their facility managers need to find a way to adapt and create a trustworthy environment where their employees feel comfortable.  

How are you dealing with social distancing, occupancy, capacity restrictions, and ensuring the well-being of employees? As a company, you need to inform, prevent, detect, and react instantly, all according to changing regulations and protocols. Only when we unite and take our responsibility to look out for each other we can return to an environment that is as safe as possible. PADS4 Social Safety Signage gives you the digital means to create that safe environment and improve the well-being of your people. With PADS4, you as a facility manager establish a place that is safer and trusted once this pandemic ends. Digital signage helps you inform your employees and visitors about the measurements you take. It contributes to the prevention of more infections. Digital signage helps you detect breaches in your workplace, and react to breaches efficiently via your digital signage network.

Create safer conditions

Show your employees and visitors the safety of their surroundings with updates, rules and regulations on attractive displays.


Inform your employees and visitors about the measurements you’re taking, and let them know where they can find available workspaces.

Inform everyone on your premises


Optimize the office space that you have with rules and regulations in mind, and prevent exposing employees to unnecessary risks.

Prevent people from getting sick


Keep a watchful eye through new technologies and detect alarming conditions in an instant to protect your visitors and employees.

Detect abnormalities


Immediately respond to breaches and react to abnormalities with your digital signage network, keeping your surroundings safe.

React to ensure safety

Why PADS4 for improved well-being?

Display rules and regulations, or use camera technologies to guarantee safety, PADS4 gives you the tools to return to the new normal.

Rules and regulationsDisplay guidelines and protocols on health and safety including social distancing, hand-sanitization, hygiene etc.
Workspace bookingEnable booking a workspace with the required social distance even before employees get to the office.
Simple overviewsReal-time visibility of the overall workspace utilization and vacant spaces to prevent employees wandering around.
Manage crowdsCount people on high-traffic locations, show crowd usage indicators and dynamic direction signs to divert the crowd.
A safe environmentEnsure the well-being of visitors and employees on your premises and create a safe environment with PADS4.
React to incidentsIn case of incidents, show alerts on entrance screens or staff screens, and guide everyone on the next procedures.

Back to the new normal

Powered by PADS4, Social Safety Signage combines the power of a digital signage network combined with sensors and cameras as a solution to contain the pandemic. Ensure everyone’s  safety with up-to-date and relevant information, and divert crowds with dynamic wayfinding. Curious to see how PADS4 can help you get back in business with Social Safety Signage? Download the leaflet and find out!

Create safer conditions

Show your employees and visitors the safety of their surroundings with updates, rules and regulations on attractive displays.

Face Mask Detection

Detect the use of face masks on your surroundings to create a safer environment. When rules are not adhered to, a reminder is send to the nearest display.

Skin Temperature

Measure the skin temperature of employees and visitors before they enter your building, and immediately bring people with an elevated temperature to safety.

Crowd Control

Control crowds in your workplace by guiding people away when there are too many people in one place with dynamic wayfinding that adjusts to the situation.

Social Safety Signage with PADS4

The effects of this pandemic stay with us for a while, and informing about and responding to unexpected events are more important than ever. With PADS4, you transform relevant data sources into smart and versatile signage, to inform employees, customers, and visitors on the measurements you are taking to create a safe environment. PADS4 meets post-pandemic requirements, simply by integrating all your data sources and screens.

a new normal with a safer work environment


Desktop Communication

Boost efficient employee communication with PADS4.

Stay in touch with employees everywhere

Engaged employees on average bring a 20 – 25% boost in productivity, and internal communication please an important part in making your staff feel comfortable. However, office communication also forms a key issue for organizations and agencies that want work more efficient. Wouldn’t it be convenient if you could send scheduled or instant updates, inspire employees with key data, newsletters, and presentations, communicate with remote network branches, or have a critical system status delivered to a select group of people? With PADS4 Desktop Communication you connect with everyone, select groups or even individuals. Inform your employees with a screensaver, or send your staff active messages with automatic pop-up desktop alerts.

PADS4 Desktop Communication extends your internal communication network by connecting all desktops and laptops in your network with PADS4 Messenger and PADS4 Desktop Viewer. These tools give you the possibility to instantly correspond with anyone in your workplace. Let urgent messages appear immediately with the alert function, and easily track your communication with read receipts. Whether you want to notify one single person, or thousands worldwide, PADS4 Messenger shares your message in real-time. The PADS4 Desktop Viewer allows you to set a screensaver to play presentations automatically or manually. No matter what you choose, with PADS4 you are in full control of your workplace communication.

Manage your digital communication network

Optimize your communication with employees everywhere with PADS4 Desktop Communication. What do you need to get started?

PADS4 Messenger

Whether you want to send a message to one specific employee, or want to talk to an entire team of people, with the PADS4 Messenger you can do so easily. Send messages, with a read receipt, control screensavers, or send alerts and keep everyone up to date and informed. 

PADS4 Desktop Viewer

With the PADS4 Desktop Viewer, you use the desktops of your employees as an extension to your existing viewers. Create attractive presentations including data connections, situation-driven rules and interactivity and notify your staff of policy changes, interesting figures and more.

Why PADS4 for Desktop Communication?

PADS4 Desktop Communication is a powerful solution to optimize your internal communication.

Set PrioritiesPriority messages overrule your 'regular' workplace communication, making it possible to immediately get in touch with staff when needed.
Choose your AudienceQuickly contact all your employees, or focus on a specific group of PC's with a targeted message for an explicit team in your company.
Including all Data ProvidersAll data providers and situation-driven rules that you are accustomed to in PADS4 can also be used with our Desktop Communication.
Send MessagesShort or long messages, company news, important facts and figures, or major updates, all work-related messages can be send without difficulty.
Choose your DesignMessages can not only be send as screensavers. With appealing designs for all sorts of messages you are done in an instant.
Expand your SignageSimply expand your communication network without requiring new hardware. All PC's in your facility become a means of communication.

PADS4 connects 8000 desktops

One of the largest PADS4 implementations in a working environment is part of a ambitious solution for a government body in South Africa. With 8000 Desktop Viewers, internal communication plays an important role. It shows how PADS4 helps companies reach thousands of employees all around the world with only one communication network.


Passenger Information

Connect PADS4 to existing databases to share beautiful passenger information display, wayfinding, and infotainment across transit networks.

Smart Passenger Information Display

Get in CTRL of transit signage with PADS4. With one platform to power all your information screens (FIDS, PIDS, employment rosters), interactive kiosks, and advertising screens, PADS4 makes it easy to create, share, and update information across your entire signage network. Plus, with data integration from hundreds of sources, you can use SAP, Opera, SharePoint, etc. to integrate real time data like the weather, passenger and travel information, schedules and delays, gate times, booking information, social media, and infotainment. Engage visitors, offer seamless wayfinding, and reduce the burden on customer service

with interactive kiosks, complete with conditional maps for dynamic guidance and wayfinding. With PADS4, you’re able to update and inform travelers of changes in real time. No matter how you move travelers, PADS4 helps you provide an enhanced experience with dynamic wayfinding, route, and passenger information. Whether you’re integrating digital kiosks or advertising, PADS4 adds value for travelers. From dynamic guidance with real-time updates and reroutes including gate and bus changes to product information, advertising, and infotainment, PADS4 helps you do more with transportation signage.

Your Transit Digital Signage Solution

Connect all your data, automate display updates, and manage screens from a central location, PADS4 is designed for transit applications.

Reduce Missed Transfers

Share real-time updates for arrivals/departures, delays, and pre-allocated gates & platforms to reduce missed transfers.

Offer Self-Service

Cut demands on customer support with interactive kiosks complete with online ticketing, timetables, and dynamic wayfinding to gates and departures.

Cut Queueing

Improve traveler experience with dynamic queue management, infotainment, and wayfinding to reduce wait times. A happy traveler is a spending traveler.

PADS4 cases

PADS4 is the most complete digital signage solution for passenger information display.  See how our customers in airports and in public transit hubs improve their traveler and passenger flow.

Streamline passenger flow with PADS4

Use your data to the passengers advantage, show timetables like departures and arrivals on digital displays directly from sources you already use. Avoid confusion and irritation by showing the right information and guiding them to their destination.



Boost ad visibility, increase engagement, & manage signage from a central location. PADS4 helps you do more with smart digital signage.

A complete digital signage advertising platform

Take your advertising to the next level with smart features and real-time data integration. PADS4 handles every aspect of your digital signage advertising, from network to display and content management to design. Plus, with smart tools, PADS4 helps you do more. Link databases and update content based on real-time events, integrate social media to build engagement, and link sensors and tools to offer interactivity. Use features like Viewer Variables to cut costs and re-use the same presentation on digital advertising boards across your

network. Schedule ads to display based on time of day to keep ads relevant. And, with context-based programming, you can advertise based on data sources like the weather. Whether your signage is meant to promote your own products or situated around a shopping center with hundreds of retailers, PADS4 is a powerful digital signage advertising solution that will help you drive engagement and sales. Communicate in real-time with display offers, discounts, remaining products, menus, promotions, and products or events.

PADS4 for digital signage advertising

From simple HD digital advertising displays to real-time interaction with live IPTV streams and social media or motion detection, PADS4 takes advertising to the next level.

Engage Customers

Drive engagement with dynamic data responding to customer age, action, or product info, so ads always have impact.

Stay Relevant

Link databases to update displays based on factors like time, inventory, weather, customers, or local events.

Drive Sales

From always-relevant ads to touchscreen kiosks for online purchases, PADS4 helps close sales when customers are in store.

PADS4 in Retail

Manage, create, and share beautiful ads across your digital signage network. PADS4 offers a complete suite of tools, from CMS, to templates, to network and management so you always stay in CTRL.

Network ManagementManage all your displays from a central location, so ads and content always stay up-to-date.
CMSOffer user-access management for local control, through our simple and intuitive content management system.
Display ManagementEnsure displays are always on, sharing the right content, with a suite of display management tools.
Smart ToolsDo more with your data with smart automation and data-filtering tools to drive value and sales across stores.
Multi-MediaPush video and IPTV, or offer multi-media on a single display, so customers stay engaged, informed, or inspired.
Any ResolutionWow on huge video walls, share simple banner ads, or push to small touchscreens designed for interaction.

PADS4 cases

PADS4 helps you do more with digital advertising boards. Discover how other organizations used PADS4 to boost their ad visibility, all while managing their advertising from one central location.

Smart Signage for Advertising with PADS4

Upgrade your digital advertising boards with smart features and real-time data integration. With PADS4 you can easily change content based on time of day. Your advertising will always be relevant. PADS4 is a powerful digital signage solution that will improve your digital advertising, driving engagement and sales. PADS4 helps you to get in CTRL.