Hikvision integrated
with PADS4

Combine intelligent cameras with PADS4 to guide and motivate your audience through displays.

Hikvision offers a wide range of cameras and sensors to detect abnormalities and enhance safety in many ways. Now it is easier to comply with the various official regulations to create a trustworthy environment. With Hikvision’s cameras, it’s possible to keep an eye on people’s temperatures on premises, measure distances between people to make sure they keep enough distance and screen many other activities. With PADS4 as a digital signage platform, that information can be transformed into relevant and understandable signage. Once Hikvision cameras detect any breaches in the set rules and regulations, PADS4 displays warning messages and the appropriate steps to follow next. With this collaboration, a new and safer environment is created where employees, customers, or visitors are not exposed to unnecessary risks.

The benefits of Hikvision

AI & Deep LearningThe cameras' AI and Deep Learning improves the data and context driven public signage.
Responsive contentReal time responsive signage based on triggers.
Available worldwideA worldwide partner network that serves you the best suitable digital signage solutions.

Hikvision integrated with PADS4

Hikvision has many different types of cameras and sensors with different capabilities. The IP cameras and sensors supported by PADS4 are able to provide solutions for:

People counting

Skin temperature screening

Social distance detection

Crowd density detection

Face mask detection

For more information about supported hardware please contact our sales department.