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Whether you’re advertising your own products and services or communicating messages from sponsors, boosting ad visibility and retention is crucial to getting value from ad space. This can be difficult to manage with static signs, because people just don’t pay attention to them anymore. However, with smart digital signage, you can publish attention grabbing advertisements in full HD, change content based on real-time events, and keep visitors engaged, so you drive revenue.

With smart digital signage, powered by PADS4, you can communicate in real time based on real events. Whether you want to display offers, discounts, menus, or promote a product or event, PADS4 can do it. Schedule your signage to display different ads throughout the day, change advertisements based on the weather or for roadside billboards, the traffic, and grab viewer attention with the right content at the right time.

PADS4 is a powerful advertising tool, capable of handling all of your digital signage needs.


Use any existing data source

PADS4 integrates your data sources to create data-driven advertising solutions, so you can leverage your existing resources to move your ads above and beyond what people expect.

For example, you can use PADS4 with IP cameras to create powerful in-store solutions. Create variables for age, gender, and distance to the display, to change the screen content and influence purchase decisions or engage customers.


Use your data to create smart digital signage ads that engage your audience to create results. From simple high-def digital displays to real-time interaction with live ITV streams and social media integration, PADS4 takes your ads to the next level.