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HTML5 players

With the growing demand for low-cost digital signage and the increased availability of more affordable hardware, we offer our versatile PADS4 HTML5 Viewer to display rich content on screens that come with a player device supporting HTML5. Whether your digital signage solution includes media players based on Android, Linux or Google Chrome and even IOS, PADS4 will drive your content to any display.

PADS4 HTML5 Viewer is a real Viewer application, not just a streaming solution. This offers PADS4 users huge benefits. Through local caching of your content our PADS4 HTML5 Viewer has a big impact on reducing network traffic and in case of network failures the screen will not switch to black. All content will continue to be displayed as scheduled, even up to a week! That gives you plenty of time to restore your network connections, without anyone even noticing your network was down.

Check the following overview to see what our PADS4 HTML5 Viewers have to offer:

HTML5 Viewer Types
Formatted Text
Video / Sound
Interactive Button ✅* ✅*
Web Page
Scrolling Text
Flash ✅*

*  The support of this device varies per device and internet browser

PADS4 Viewer Licenses

With a PADS4 Viewer license you can power any player in your network. PADS4 Viewers are available with basic or extended functionalities. You can combine different types of PADS4 Viewers in one solution, based on each locations’ individual communication needs. Find out what PADS4 Viewer license fits your players.