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At your final point of signage the PADS4 Viewer software ensures that your scheduled presentation will play perfectly and at the right moment on a display.

Content from media files and live data from RSS news feeds, social media or other linked data sources are inserted at real-time into your presentation, making your content truly dynamic and always up-to-date.

When your presentation contains predefined rules it will automatically respond to events with a customized layout or content for optimal engagement with your audience.

Pads4 Viewer

Choose the best Viewer to suit your requirements

The PADS4 Viewer application is available for multiple platforms and in different variants. This allows you to choose the most suitable viewer type in terms of functionality and pricing for your digital signage network.

Maximize your possibilities with the Microsoft Windows based PADS4 Viewer, choose the PADS4 HTML5 Viewer for a cost-effective solution that runs on multiple platforms or bring digital signage to the PCs of your staff with the PADS4 Desktop Viewer.

Next, choose the PADS4 Viewer license that offers the features you need. Remember, you can always upgrade your license afterwards without having to reinstall your PADS4 software.

Depending on the type of content you want to play, you can choose between a BASIC, XPRESS or XPERT Viewer license.

Select the PADS4 Viewer license that suits your platform and content needs

Our PADS4 Viewer licenses are compatible with a wide variety of media players, whatever the choice of your content may be. Click on the button to see what PADS4 license is the right one for your digital signage solution.

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